ArchieMD, Inc. wins SBIR Phase I Grant

InteliSpark client ArchieMD Inc. has been awarded a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant totaling $149,930. The Phase I grant was for the project, “Synthetic task Environment for Patient Preparation and Care in an A2/AD Operations”. The goal is to provide a training simulation that will enable medics to conduct evacuation operations within an aeromedical aircraft.

ArchieMD’s research project is in efforts to create a realistic, immersive 3-D environment for training purposes. The focus of this training is for care personnel in primary/secondary assessment, patient stabilization, patient placement, and mission management. The simulation, named EVAC Sim, will allow for medic rehearsal opportunities for evacuation patient care scenarios. It will provide experiences for trainees to understand the resources available in an aeromedical aircraft, and with greater confidence and competence. Additionally, there is potential to cultivate this technology to ultimately contribute a valuable, new dimension to medical simulation training and medical education at large.