DexMat, Inc. wins NASA grant

InteliSpark client, DexMat Inc. has been awarded an SBIR Phase I grant from NASA for their project “Robust Lightweight CNT Wiring for Space Systems”. DexMAt has addressed the NASA need for a way of effectively shielding sensitive electronic equipment form electromagnetic interference (EMI) without adding significant weight to space flight vehicles and satellites. With this grant, they will be able to continue their efforts towards developing a novel and highly conductive Carbon nanotube (CNT) electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield product. CNTs are becoming a more popular solution for reducing the weight of the spacecraft, and further reducing the amount of fuel needed to achieve orbit. These CNTs offer 6 times higher strength, 6 times lower density, and at least 25 times higher flexure tolerance than the traditional copper wires used.

During this Phase I project, DexMat will use their CNT yarn to develop a CNT shielding braid that will have the potential to increase the mechanical strength of CNT tape used as a primary EMI shield. They will enhance the potential by producing these braids of different thicknesses and area coverage to augment performance and product appeal of CNT tapes. Through this project, they will also begin conducting accelerated aging tests to determine the impact on mechanical strength of shields made with CNT tapes, CNT yarn braids, and hybrid CNT tape/braid combinations.