Comake, Inc. wins NSF SBIR Grant

InteliSpark client, Comake, Inc. has been awarded a SBIR Phase I grant by the National Science Foundation. Their project focuses on enhancing economic growth and innovation, by increasing a worker’s knowledge and ease of access to digital information that is relevant to his/her work.

Businesses today are enormously dependent on the archives of files, communication, and other information contained within systems and services such as network drives, cloud storage, messaging tools, e-mail, to name a few. As these archives grow, they become more difficult to standardize and organize. Resultantly, employees waste great amounts of time trying to locate files and information across complex directories and communication channels.

Centralizing access to files, with an easily searchable and flexible workspace would have the potential to save hours of lost productivity and seemingly duplicate efforts per knowledge worker per week. More so, presenting relevant context around each file and message including other file-versions, related files, discussions, activity events, etc. can help workers with better version control and a better understanding of how projects/ideas unfold.

In their Phase I project, Comake will seek to develop a novel method to address the need stated above. They will develop a software that can automatically map the relationships between digital workflow components, and store them in discrete private databases controlled by the users. Overall, they will construct a method for users to contextually and unobtrusively access all relevant files and information associated with their work. The outcome will ultimately be a new type of software platform that can be hosted in private instances and improves the productivity of its users.