ArhcieMD, Inc. wins Phase I DHA STTR Contract

InteliSpark client ArchieMD, Inc. has been awarded a Defense Health Agency (DHA) Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract worth $149,993. The grant is for the STTR project “Dynamic Virtual Moulage Base on Thin Film Adhesive Displays.”

The goal of the STTR project is to provide Army combat medics with a meaningful experience in treating injuries obtained on the battlefield during particular challenges. Moulage has great potential to aid in acquiring preparatory experience for distressing real life emergencies that medics and soldiers encounter in the field. The current approach to moulage is limited in the ability to reflect the impact of treatment decisions the trainee makes during the simulation.

This is where ArchieMD proposed to develop a dynamic moulage technology with the ability to morph to reflect changes in medical simulation scenarios. A very think and flexible electronic sticker that adheres to the skin will show a variety of dynamic information, including vital signs, disease progression and response to treatment or treatment error to provide the trainee with information about clinical progression and changes in the physiological state of the simulated patient. This could potentially lead to improvements in critical thinking, assessment and response time.

ArchieMD’s technology can be easily attached to and removed from mannequins, simulated proxy body parts, or real persons, allowing integration with existing simulation systems. It could also be commercialized to benefit EMS and other first responders undergoing training simulations.